Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ian Poulter Finally Gets Attention He Deserves

The Green Blazer would have normally used this opportunity to zing Ian Poulter for opening his big mouth, but SportsCenter's anchor ripped him so perfectly that there is no need to:

Since then, Poulter claimed that he was misquoted and that he actually said, "It would be a dream to sit back one day and look at the world rankings and see it say, Tiger Woods and then me. Well, if you shorten that phrase down, 'Tiger Woods and then me,' you get what you've got in the paper today, or the magazine."

At first, The Blazer was quick to give Poulter the benefit on the doubt thinking maybe he was misquoted. That was until I heard the following comment, which officially landed Ian Poulter a spot on The Green Blazer's list of idiots:

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clevelandpoppapump said...

luv it!!! Poulter is an idiot if he thinks he's beating Tig at Torrey