Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is Golf Digest stupid or just lazy?

Although The Green Blazer hasn't subscribed to Golf Digest in years, for some reason they keep sending them. It could be from booking tee times, or maybe they're sending them as a courtesy to stay on G-Blaze's good side. Either way, they pile up faster than our national debt.

Upon seeing the cover of the Jan/2010 edition, I quickly tossed it into the waste basket before even removing the plastic ... The cover is a joke (almost as laughable as Time magazine naming Ben Bernanke "Man of the Year.")

What better way to make people take notice than to come up with a fluffy story paralleling Tiger to Obama that allows them to put them both on the cover. "10 things Obama might learn from Tiger," the cover read. After some thought, I decided to pull the mag out of the trash and read the cover story for amusement.

Cover illustration By Michael Elins (Golf Digest actually gives credit for this crappy 5 min photoshopped cover they refer to as an illustration)

The story was clearly completed before the Tiger Woods scandal began, but the publication was released well after. The editor made no effort to even acknowledge the recent tribulations, or better yet, scrap the story altogether. Obviously the lazy hack had already put that month's edition to bed and, in classic "it's too late now" journalist style, decided to stay the course and go the complacent route.

The story starts by saying both men were defined by their fathers (Woods had more in common with Earl than most previously thought), and then goes on to list ten things Obama could learn from Tiger:

1. The Quick Recovery
2.The Cold Ferocity
3. How to Step on Their Necks
4. The Trouble with Compromise
5. The Value of a Few 'Majors'
6. Controlling the message -- and Spending
7. The Swing Change
8. Clothes the Deal
9. You've got to Deliver
10. The Danger of Looking Ridiculous

Put in prospective, the list is nothing short of hilarious. As most people know, Golf Digest is one of Tiger's sponsors, but one look at their website and you can see they're not pulling a CBS and putting a gag order out on Tiger talk. Golf Digest would have been best served to take their own advice from No. 10 as ridiculous is the only word to describe their publishing of this article.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Elin gives Tiger ultimatum

Given the recent rumors that Tiger has been pumping something other than his fist with contestant from the first season of VH1's Tool Academy Jiamee Grubbs, Tiger's wife has issued him a written ultimatum: Tiger he must attend season 3 of Tool Academy to learn how to properly treat a woman or she will leave him and allow him to break his friend Michael Jordan's record for most expensive divorce. Elin said that she thinks this will add a quirky twist to a story that for Tiger fans seems like a strange nightware.

The body of Jaimee Grubbs' former boyfriend and Tool Academy contestant
Shaun with the head of Tiger.