Monday, January 21, 2008

Movie Monday - The George Lopez Bob Hope Chrysler Classic

Strokes off his game aren’t the only thing George Lopez shaved at this year’s Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. As the tournament’s host, Lopez entertained and showed the rest of the world how to ignore pain.

Golf Channel showed that they still don’t have it completely together. It’s bad enough being forced to watch at least a portion of every PGA Tour event in extended definition, but Golf Channel always has their fair share of blunders. A few are captured below.

Jerry Foltz failed to do his due diligence here

Fat boy John Daly battled his injury both on the course and now in the courts blaming a fan for sidelining him when she snapped a pic in his downswing causing him to flinch and hurt himself. Broke John Daly, who has withdrew 12 times in the past two years, is being accused by some for suing a tournament that denotes the majority of the profits to charity. Supporters of Daly say something like, “well… he’s actually suing the insurance company, so it won’t affect the tournament’s profits that much… the children will be straight.” Either way, based on his bitching about the cost of getting to Hawai’i last week in a post round interview, Daly’s financial situation is less than stable . This week marks the 12th time Daly has withdrew in the past 2 years.

Calc raps it up with the clip of the week as he uses his big toe to feel the subtle break in this 6 footer.


mediaguru @ said...

George Lopez sucks.
George Lopez is not funny.
George Lopez is NO Bob Hope.
I don't watch ANY of the Bob Hope now.

pace-holyh-one said...

Dude, tha man Bob Hope is DEAD peopeles. Somebody needz to get thiz chrysler Classic shit perculatin. Is not George Lopez than who, muahfuakaz, who?