Monday, March 30, 2009

Golfsmith doesn't like Sergio's chances, neither does the insurer

If Sergio Garcia wins the Masters, Golfsmith is promising a full refund for anyone who buys an R7, R9, or Burner driver by April 11th.

This is hilarious because they make it out to the public that they think the Serge has little chance of victory. The more perceptive public knows that they took an insurance policy protecting them from paying out millions if Sergio somehow finally gets it done in a major. The policy is similar in nature to the hole-in-one policy from your local charity outing, which we all know is ridden with hacks, and we all also know that one of them occasional hits a miracle.

How much would this policy have cost Golfsmith if they insured themselves against Tiger winning?

Article from Vail Mountaineer 3.28.09

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Captures and Captions: Gore attacks sandwedge then attacks sandwich

As one of the streakiest newer players on the PGA Tour, we all know Jason Gore's range of scores are wider than he would like. Now thanks to a horrible picture the Blazer nabbed totally without permission from Yahoo Sports, Gore's midsection range seems to be widening too:

FAT EVEN IN BLACK: Jason Gore has always looked like if you poked him with a pin, juices would run out resembling that of a pork sausage, but Gore is looking especially fat in this picture at Bay Hill on Thursday.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remembering a cool, calm Tiger at Doral in 2008

Below is a video from the the 2008 CA Championship where Tiger snapped after a camera click in his downswing. The quote isn't in the video, but it was said to be:

''The next time a photographer shoots an fucking picture, I'm going to break his fucking neck.''

Last year, The Blazer wrote a hilarious post that we (of course) still stand by.

Tiger will head back to Doral for his first stroke play event since his surgery, and he may deliver a flying knee to the side of a photog's dome if they break his concentration again.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

GREEN BLAZER SPECIAL REPORT: Michael Phelps reading Green Blazer while green blazing!

We had heard Phelps was an avid reader, but now we have the proof (notice the computer in the background) . What better thing to do while blazing the green than checking out The Green Blazer's page. Thanks Micheal for your continued support, and keep the greens ablaze.