Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Survey: Giving up in playoff game worse than cheating on wife

Amid Tiger Woods' torrent of torrid love affairs hitting the main stream, he is still America's favorite athlete -- he'll just have to share that spot with Kobe Bryant. LeBron James fell from 3rd to 6th.

Woods had held the position alone since 2006, but the Los Angeles Lakers guard moved up from fourth last year to grab a share of the top spot, Harris Interactive said Tuesday.

If anal sex counts, Woods isn't the only one in that top spot that has an adulterous past (or present). Bryant also has a splitting history with cheating on his wife, and Bryant's isolated incident may have been worse because the 19-year-old said she told him to stop.

LeBron dropped significantly on men's side in the company’s survey of 2,227 people that was conducted online from June 14-21, before he left Cleveland to sign with Miami.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stinky Cinky not in "Big Three"

Although over 1.2 million Twitter followers and a British Open is impressive, Stewart Cink should not be the other guy next to Tiger and Phil in PGATour.com's "The Big Three."

sidenote: David Letterman's Top Ten surprising facts about Stewart Cink both made The Blazer laugh and grow slightly fonder of Stewart Cink.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Link housekeeping

Bloggers need to cut the fat on links
G-Blaze has had enough ... Bloggers need to join together and commit to scrutinizing their links more routinely. If the posters aren't posting, then so goes their link.

It seems everyone is too scared of offending another blogger by taking down a pointless link or they just don't check their links often enough -- they just plop them up and forget it.

The requirement for link removal should be subjective, analyzed on a case by case basis. As we know, there exists a few different types of blogging personalities.

There's the Streaky motivation blogger, who has high quality posts, but randomly a couple times a month. The Green Blazer is an SMB, and so is my man Bob Smiley at Fore Right.

Many SMBs strive to be an Everyday blogger, but often never make it because they either don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity or just never quite commit. Committing is difficult especially if no one reads your posts as is the case with many blogs (if a blogger makes a post and nobody reads it, was it ever really a post?). Tony at Hooked on Golf Blog is an everyday blogger, so is The Golf Girl, and so are some of the humps at Yahoo, who make pointless posts with generic titles like, "Woods looks uncertain entering British Open."

Many SMBs are worthy of linkage, just so long as they don't become a Gave up blogger. These are the type that should be removed from links. If you're blog goes months without an update and your stuff wasn't that ground breaking to begin with, it's safe to say you've given up on it. If you want to get your link back you should have to earn it be posting.

While recently visiting one of the golf blogs mentioned above, The Golf Girl's Diary (a golf blog that actually has a strong following) I noticed an extensive list of "Woman blog about golf" links.

Of the 17 links, 2 were broken, three hadn't had a single 2010 post and two hadn't posted in several months. One this short list, seven of the 17 should probably be cut, which would of course increase the value of the posting bloggers.

G-Blaze is using The Golf Girl as an example (I may have called out someone else if she hadn't removed her link to The Green Blazin' blog), but there exists unworthy links in close to every extensive link list out there.

What are you waiting for bloggers? Quit being scared to offend a non-poster. It's time to clean house.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Man searches for ways to avoid being annoying walker

Exploring alternatives to riding
Have you ever been annoyed by four walkers enjoying the day while you're trying to play a fast round of golf? If you haven't you're probably either an annoying walker yourself or you welcome slow play because you like to spend as much time as possible on the course as your nagging wife only permits you to play nine holes per week.

With country club membership dues at record lows, broke ass golfers everywhere finally get a chance to be a member at a private club. Clubs that once had 10 year waiting lists and 20k down strokes just to get in the door are now one step away from implementing a Little Caesars style panhandle marketing campaign.

This following is the situation a Green Blazer Corps member by the name of Stefan Core found himself in:

He was ready to pull the trigger on a steal of a membership at 5k/yr but before signing on the dotted line he was informed that golf cars are not included. He would basically be forced into dropping $20 every time he wanted to play. After confirming that the club would not allow him to use and store his own golf car on premises, Stefan began his search for alternatives.

His first thought was to look into a golf specific mall cop style Segway. He found exactly what he had in mind, the Segway x2 Golf. For a one time fee of $4300 used his problems could be solved. He was ready to make the purchase, but decided he better run it by the country club first. The old codgers on the board quickly shot him down saying it qualified as a golf car under the club's definition.

If only he could create a vehicle that looked like a pull cart only with a kickstand that would support his weight. He decided to check the ultimate source for amateur engineers looking to display their talents ... Youtube.

He quickly found a vehicle called the ParScooter. It's nothing more than a nancyboy scooter with an electric motor and a pull cart attachment:

But that wasn't all he found. In the process, he stumbled upon a golf car that has nothing to do with serving his needs, but was funny to watch immediately after watching the ParScooter:

In the end, Stefan decided to get the membership and buy a Bat Caddy X3R. Now not only is he an annoying walker, he's an annoying walker with an even more annoying electric push cart.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not "icy", just Tiger

"Tiger growls at media"
"Tetchy Tiger dodges personal questions"
"Woods turns icy at personal questions"
"Woods loses cool over questions"

How can you lose your cool and be icy? Above are just a few of the headlines following Tiger Woods press conference in Ireland.

Finding a video of the conference proved to be a difficult task, but after trying many sources, ol' faithful youtube had at least part of the Tiger Woods press conference that made "icy" Tuesday's buzz word (hint -- to find the latest videos on youtube, switch your search options to sort by "date uploaded").

Based on the 55 second clip, G-Blaze thinks Tiger was rather timid, yet 55 seconds isn't very long. One word answers are nothing new to the world No. 1, a man who is probably more annoyed with the media vultures that anyone on the planet. He was giving one word answers to questions before he got caught pounding strange*, and he will certainly do so now.

In the end, Tiger haters will continue to hate and the people that like him will continue to defend him. As long as he remains the best player in the game, he'll always be golf's top story.

*strange is a term married men use to describe a woman they've slept with other than their wife.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Adidas: If golfers could play barefoot, they would

In the midst of pimping their new shoe line, an exec (more likely a hired actor) for Adidas makes the claim, "If golfers could play golf barefoot, they would." The truth is that they can, but the don't.

The Blazer's initial inclination was to zing Adidas for putting this line in their commercial, but instead decided to throttle back and research the subject.

I tried a number of combinations on Google: golf + barefoot; golf + barefoot + pga tour; "barefoot golfers"; "barefoot professional golfers." None seemed to give me the comprehensive piece I was looking for.

There was a number of sites talking about the merits of playing barefoot most talking about the extra feel that they had. But, these comments were likely from high handicap hacks who have no feel with or without shoes.

The best source found was a thread on golfwrx.com. Much of the commentary related around pesticides and the negative effect barefoot golfing could cause to your body. One commenter even told a partially related story about a player that used to put his balls in his mouth (clean his golf ball by putting it in his mouth):

Golfwrx member Artemicion:
"Apparently there's a documented case of a guy who liked to clean his golf balls by putting them in his mouth while others were putting. After a while he fell ill and was eventually hospitalized and diagnosed with two types of hepatitis, of which one was an unknown type. After an extended stay he was fully cured, returned to the golf course and his habit of gobbling golf balls, and after a while fell ill again with the same disease. Doctors hypothesized the ingestion of pesticides, fertilizer and other stuff found on greens might be the cause, and urged the man to give up his habit. Apparently he's been healthy since."

But certainly the funniest comment was, "Two words, Goose Dookie!" (click here for The Green Blazer's -- "Geese are the shits" piece)

The only pro referenced in the thread was Sam Snead, who was said to play and practice barefoot. He even played a few holes barefoot at Augusta one year according to some hump on wrx.

If golfing barefoot was really something professionals believed would improve their game and pesticides were the only thing keeping them in shoes, it is certain that some sort of extra sensitivity latex foot condom would have been designed. In fact, it would probably be designed by Callaway since they never miss an opportunity to put their name on some crappy product idea.