Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You know it's a dump driving range when ...

They charge you to putt ...

Thanks to Jasper Keaton for sending this over

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Out of his range

Jerry Rice makes embarrassing gaffe
Since the golfer is responsible for the caddie he chooses, G-Blaze is gonna go ahead and call this blunder embarrassing rather than humiliating ...

Adding insult to injury Jerry Rice disqualified himself from the Nationwide Tour event he took last in with rounds of 92-82 by using a laser range finder during the second round. The fact that Rice didn't know that this was illegal should completely blow the mind of every competitive golfer out there. Another question is that if Rice and his caddie thought this was legal, why weren't they using it on every shot that week? You mean they were eyeballing yardage when they thought they could gun it?

Rice admitted after the round that he isn't good enough for this type of competition and will not be playing any Nationwide Tour events in the future.

There is one bright spot in what had to go down as one of Jerry Rice's worst weeks ever ... At least he wasn't using a SkyCaddie.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tiger Woods' fat-mouthed neighbor launches profiteering website

Fellow Isleworth resident claims to give untold story of world No. 1

It took him a hot minute but fellow Isleworth resident to Tiger Woods, Jerome (Jay) Adams is the latest profiteer trying to gain off the world No. 1 golfer's fall from grace.

James recently launched a pay-per-view website which he claims will provide stories of Tiger Woods never heard until now. James claims in a preview video on the site that he will give an “eyewitness account” of the Woods car accident scene on Nov. 27 even though it was Adams' brother Jarius that provided details to police the night of the car accident.

Jerome James goes on to claim in the same video on his new pay-per-view website that now his family wants “to tell exactly what happened that night.”

The only way this hump could know exactly what happened is if he was peeping in the windows the billionaire golfer's home that night. If James really wanted the story out then he wouldn't be be charging $4 for the privilege of hearing it. This is simply the latest in the many money-making ploys targeting Tiger Woods.

James, who admittedly is disdainful towards Woods, makes claim about Woods and his treatment of wife Elin Nordegren that James likely completely blew out of proportion. In the first PPV clip on the site, sportsbybrooks.com reports that Adams says he once saw Tiger push Elin to hurry her up when Tiger was eager to leave. Adams says he witnessed Woods grabbing one of Elin’s arms and, “he shoves her. … I was stunned by what I saw.”

There is no evidence behind James' claims, but alas he will release another video that he says will focus on the Thanksgiving accident scene.

Further proof that he would use his unique position to exacerbate stories for a few thousand dollars, Jay-bone even came up with a fresh, novel-like title for his m.m.o. -- "Behind the Gates, The Untold Story (Until Now!) of Tiger Woods."

note -- In unpromotional spirit, The Green Blazer will not be including a link to James' website