Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Start your own Footjoy Classics Biz

As most have heard, Footjoy is closing the plant responsible for making the sought after, and very expensive, Footjoy Classics.

Classics will no longer be in the Footjoy line going forward. This is unfortunate for all as we can no longer browse through FJ catalogs and dream of all the pairs of Classics we could have if only we could afford them/quit being too cheap to pull the trigger on unnecessary extravagances.

Where there is misfortune, there is also opportunity. The Green Blazer has made the point before, if there is any appreciating golf equipment/apparel, it likely comes from Acushnet products. So why not grab ahold of some of the great deals on Classics, buy the lot, wait for the price to rise, and sell them back on ebay for more than you paid to rich golf nerds who likely can't break 90? Only time will tell if the going rate exceeds the $199/pair.