Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiger "New Endorsement" posts were never funny

... and now they're getting more played out than Hip Hoppers 'keeping it real.'

So in the spirit of keeping it real, G-Blaze made a vow with himself to never come up with his own clever version of a satirical "Tiger's new endorsement" post.

Instead, we will go ahead and review some bloggers' ideas of a funny post in order of how obvious and stupid they are. note -- If you think these are funny, you probably don't have a very good sense of humor.

-- This one is certainly the stupidest. Any idiot could come up with this, but I'm sure the douchebag who posted it was very proud of his tag-line and photoshop work. Finding the original poster of any of these is nearly impossible because they were so highly circulated by email forwarding baby-boomers.

Most would enjoy watching Tiger smack the smirk off this next artist's face with a with a hard 6-iron.

-- Don't know if this one qualifies as an endorsement deal post, but we will include it anyway. This artist certainly just heard the oversized head, stiff shafted wood joke for the first time and found it so funny he just couldn't resist himself.

-- The Lays endorsement post is certainly the most clever one that we came across, but the conspicuousness of the idea outweighs the urge to chuckle, so do your best to resist.