Sunday, August 26, 2012

Star “Sesame Street” actor Count von Count died of natural causes Friday. The cast and crew of “Sesame Street,” released the following statement in memoriam: “A member of the ‘Sesame Street’ family for more than 40 years, he will forever be in our hearts and remembered for the artistry in his puppetry, his music, and the laughter he brought to children worldwide…”

Golfer/Commentator David Feherty, who has long been accused of looking exactly like Count remembered the good times in a recent interview ... "One couldn't count the number of times von Count and I pulled the old switcharoo. I'd give him the golfing groupies and he'd give me the acting groupies. This was a good deal for me except I could always count on him to give me the sloppy seconds."

This satire has been brought to you by The Green Blazer. RIP Jerry Nelson, voice of Count von Count.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Range Drill: You only get one shot, Do not miss your chance to ...

Thanks to 2bitCC_Romeo for providing The Green Blazer with this great exercise for simulating first tee pressure ... Enjoy

"You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a bucket ... Yo! "

Golfers hate to end a range session on a bad shot. This is why you see many folks scurrying into the line of fire in order to pick up a couple more nuggets to end their session on a high note. We've found a great drill that actually uses this innate tendency to simulate real course pressure. 

Unless you're playing at a private club or a top notch public, a golfer's typical range bucket will consist of about 20% of golf balls that are nearly unhittable. Most golfers hit these without a thought while the savvier bunch warms up with them using a less than full swing. If you're looking to get the feel of first tee gitters, try this drill:

First separate your good balls from you bad ones before you begin your session. Start by going through your normal range routine, hitting only the good balls. Do this until you are left with only one good ball left. Make sure you have the utmost confidence in this ball. It should be among the shiniest in the bucket, so depending on the dumpiness of your range it might not be that shinny, but do your best.

Then, switch to your sand wedge and hit the torn up balls using only your half swing. This will help take you out of full swing mode.

Finally, tee up that final shinny ball for one good swing with your driver. Before you start your routine, you've already made up your mind that you're not going to be range diving for one or two more. Your going to hit the shot and leave, regardless of where it goes. Picture your shot, complete your preshot routine, and go.

This drill will help get you into the realization that on the course, you only get one chance. This is something easily forgotten when robotically hitting ball after ball. 

If the driving range charges you a dollar to putt, it's safe to assume that at least 20% of the golf balls will produce a draw-fade. (A shot that starts off with hook spin but by the time it's on its descent, the nearly dimpleless service stops the spin and the ball falls the other direction).

Monday, August 13, 2012

B-Roll The Golf Channel a Cigarette

The Golf Channel ran a lengthy package Wednesday thoroughly expounding the long putter on Live From the PGA Championship. The piece was well detailed and showed myriad player reactions ranging from stuffy snob Monty denouncing it, to Tim Clark hinting that he would file a lawsuit for lost revenue if the putter was banned.

Golf Channel's abundant b-rolls usually roll by without the viewer giving them any thought. But, Wednesday one stood out:

Is that a Camel?