Monday, January 28, 2008

Movie Monday - Tilghman to The World: "................."

The Blazer would have loved nothing more than to start this off with his own captured clip of the Kelly Tilghman inaudible apology, but instead the Blazer Corps must regrettably admit that an less-than-reliable DVR is the vessel for which the Blazer's video genius originates from. In this case, the DVR missed the first 10 seconds on the broadcast, which was enough time for Tilghman and The Golf Channel to slip from The Blazer's grasp. Nevertheless, our first clip is borrowed from GeoffShac who was able to catch Golf Channel's sound gaffe using his hand held video camera... It's almost as ghetto as Golf Channel's coverage, but a thanks goes out to GeoffShac for providing it.

Tilghman made sure not to talk about anything the least bit controversial, but was still a bit rusty after two weeks off.

At least Faldo was good for a few zingers... He even used reused a one-liner of his only his delivery was better at the Mercedes.

Another distinct personality, David Feherty, debuted his, "5 questions with Feherty" with the man himself.

Boo Weekley made plenty of highlight reels with this clip:

So did Rory when he decided to act like a little bitch to the group behind him

We can't end with the image of Rory's bitchass, so The Blazer will close with this chuckle about how Tiger Woods is da fuckin man...

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John said...

Props to the Green Blazer...

I don't know what pisses me off more, Tilghman's annoying ass or Rory's bitchass, but I'm loving your coverage of these two idiots.