Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Giant penis crashes American Century Celebrity Championship golf tourney

If they can show one on the cover of a Disney Movie, why is a giant penis on live TV a problem?

It was enough of a problem for a cop to tell the girls ”they might as well have a sign that says stupid bachelorette party ” and that they are all ”stupid dumb girls.”

Oh Snap! That cop has got zingers for days!

This incident happened on the 17th at Edgewood Tahoe, and Michael actually thought it was funny.

It's true that no bachelorette party is complete without a giant inflatable penis, but thanks to one heads up golf watcher, that picture made its way to the internet and for that we thank you.

UPDATE: Could this giant inflatable penis been responsible for giving this woman the idea to accuse Ben Roethlisberger of rape at last year's Tahoo celeb tournament? Picture it: She's watching the tournament on TV, dead broke, thinking about her consensual sex with Roethlisberger the year before, when she sees this giant weiner trying to force its way around the course and, Eureka! Rape it is ...


Friday, July 17, 2009

Nike to confiscate tapes of Tiger's British Open

Due to Tiger Woods' poor performance at this year's British Open, Nike is attempting to confiscated all tapes containing shots from his rounds in order to save Tiger from any further embarrassment.

Nike is particularly concerned with holes 8-13 on Friday where Woods played the worst six hole stretch of his professional career.

An representative from Nike said, "It's not as bad as getting dunked on by someone attending your basketball camp, but we can't be too careful with our top athletes nowadays."

Tiger Woods hangs his head on the 18th green Friday while Nike execs struggle to confiscate all recordings of the round.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cold Top: Ben Crenshaw scalps it into water

It's rare to see a tour professional (much less a two time major champion and former Ryder Cup captain) hit a cold top, straight duff, or dead shank, but when they do, you can count on The Green Blazer to capture it. Crenshaw hit his next shot into the water also, ruining an otherwise stellar round of golf.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Captures and Captions: Vijay's new putting grip

In between hitting thousands of range balls, and attempting to bailout his piece of shit crook friend Allen Stanford, Vijay Singh found time to make yet another change to his putting grip.

When it comes to the putting grips of the game's top players, there should be no surprises nowadays. Singh reinforced that notion at the AT&T National on Thursday by debuting a cross-handed grip on his belly putter with a dash of claw. Don't be surprised if he adds a SuperStroke prototype to the mix next week ...

Vijay has made more putting grip changes than perhaps anyone in the game. Now he has decided to combine every grip change he has ever made into a single supergrip.