Thursday, March 24, 2011

Woods debuts new bracelet

New age Buddhism bracelet or a gimmicky sports bracelet?

Tiger Woods debuted a new bracelet on his left wrist during the first round of the Bay Hill Invitational Thursday. Woods went back to wearing a bracelet after his affairs went public. He told the pubic it represented a religious rebirth as he had strayed from his Buddhist faith, but was likely more of a PR stunt.

G-Blaze believes this is likely a new Buddhism bracelet representing the same thing, although it does resemble the magnetic or hologram sports performance bracelets worn by many professional athletes.

The boards are bustling with discussion on the merits of the manufacturers' claims of higher performance, but G-Blaze tends to agree with one poster who took a dirty dig at Hunter Mahan in the process: member MS22:

It was the same one Hunter Mahan was wearing when he flubbed that chip. Good thing he had it on, with all the extra balance and extended ROM you get from wearing those magical holograms "tuned to the frequencies of the human body" he probably would have whiffed at the ball . . .

Buy a CD, take the "SONY BMG" homogram off and stick it to a rubber band, same thing.

That company had claims on their website of people putting one on and jumping onto a surfboard for the first time ever in their life and riding 10-12 footers instantly because of the balance it promotes. Total BS.