Monday, January 14, 2008

Movie Monday - The Sony Open in Hawai'i (not Hawaii)

The Sony Open turned into a KJ Choi consistency clinic for most of the event, reminding everyone that Choi is on his way to being a top three player in the world. The temporary relief from the monotony of Kelly Tilghman’s deep voice was a bonus, but the standard Golf Channel Bushleagueness was very much intact. The Golf Channel had the brilliant idea to waste some spare time on a Hawaiian word-of-the-day that we will all immediately forget anyway. The demonstration featured none other than self-asserting Hawai'i expert, Mark Rolfing. Rolfing was a leader in mainstreaming the locals' pronunciation of our nation’s 50th state. For those of you mainlanders who haven’t noticed, the spelling and pronunciation of Hawaii has now changed to Hawai’i, where the apostrophe stands for a glottal stop, a brief closure of the throat, like a little cough. Rolfing can articulate the new pronunciation with the best of them, but even Mr. Hawai’i struggled with Thursday’s word of the day.

Faldo certainly didn’t have any articulation problems; his commentary was clear as usual. The video below captured just a few Faldo zingers.

Jim Furyk needed an up and in to make the cut, and even under that type of pressure showed why he is one of the tour’s nice guys, even when he gets disturbed mid- swing.

Vijay had a dull showing, which is unusual for him given his success in Hawai’i. He also found some power he didn’t know he had when he pissed Daly off by knocking one on the green while they were putting.

Speaking of Daly, he wasn’t too thrilled about the new cut rule.

Rory could care less about the cut rule, but wasn’t too thrilled about anything during this debacle on Sunday.


corporatecarl said...

nice flicks... shits classic

John said...

Nice coverage ... I hope this sets the tone for the rest of the year. What ever happened with your Kelly Tiglman video on youtube?