Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tiger plotting to one up Jordan's unimpressive baseball career

We've all heard tales about the incessant ball busting between Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. They're friends, but use every opportunity to zing one another in an effort to validate their most dominating athlete label. Upon hearing the jaw-dropping news that Micheal Jordan will be the assistant's assistant at the 2009 President's Cup, Tiger will reportedly take it up a notch and try his hand in baseball before returning to golf. He took this move straight from MJ's bag of tricks, mirroring the Hanes underware model's stint with the White Sox in the '90s. Tiger can be seen scouting at Sunday's Dodgers/Phillies game.


Anonymous said...

R u for real Blazer? I hope not cause its been too long without Tiger already. Jordan in the Presidents Cup is stupid.

perrier champion said...

Tiger couldn't play baseball!