Sunday, October 12, 2008

Speak of the Week - The Pro Lag

This glorious speak of the week submitted to us by Blazercorps member Chris.

"For most golf pros, especially the golf "proseph;" (golf pro who is also a broseph,) by the time you're on your eleventh straight day of 5 a.m. shifts out there it can get old real quick. If you need an afternoon pick-me-up and the crappy pro shop coffee isn't doing the trick, sometimes the occasional "pro-lag" is in order. Follow these steps:

- Score yourself some herb, (there's probably plenty flowing around the caddy barn)

- Find a group to pair up with for a couple holes

- When you see an opportunity, dip back behind your group in a casual lag fashion. Let them get way up there and take their shot, while you sneak yourself a few rips of the good stuff.

As stated by a respected proseph, "If you've been working too hard to even play a round, you pretty much owe it to yourself to blaze a round. That's what I always say."

And that's what we always say too. Thanks, Chris. Not just for your brilliant speak-of-the-week contribution, but to all you've given the sport. You and the rest of you overworked and underpaid pros and prosephs out there can have a pro-lag on the Blazer this week.

PREZ LAG: Bush most likely pro-lagged before this classic sound byte.

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