Sunday, October 19, 2008

For $100, it must be Moore than just a hat

Ryan Moore, one of a few true bros on tour (complete with long shaggy hair and facial scruff,) felt right at home this week at a tournament hosted by god among bros Justin Timberlake. Moore is best known by bros for popularizing what is known as the cadet-style hat, an instant classic in the relatively small niche of golfing bro headwear. The hat is also known as "military," "castro," "painter," "ranger," and "the hat that Ryan Moore wears."

After Moore brought the hat to the tour, ping released their own version in Moore's honor. The hat remained in the line until a short time ago; however, upon removal, the ebay price skyrocketed to some going for as high as $100. This indicates a lingering demand among bros. Ping will likely recognize this soon, and reintroduce a new version of the hat to their line causing the price of all Ping cadet hats to return to reasonable levels.

PhotobucketThe demand for the hat should remain high as long as Moore continues to wear it, although it seems he has forgone the cadet hat and went for the tennis sweat guard headband instead.

This could throw a crucial variable in the equation, as bros may now label Moore a total douchebag, thereby devaluing the cadet hats without a reintroduction from Ping. In order to keep tabs on this one, you'll have to continue to study the golf equipment/attire boards at ebay like a dateless GolfWRX message board groupie on a Saturday night. Have fun.

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