Monday, October 6, 2008

DHL - What a bunch of racist bastards

Racist DHL golf commercial

This new DHL commercial that takes place out on a golf course has been getting quite a bit of play during the MLB playoffs on TBS.

The Green Blazer was able to get a hidden tape of the marketing meeting where this donkey was hatched, and it's ugly. The recording was even crappier than our crappy recording of the commercial, but we can make out the end pretty clearly. Basically, the marketing guys at DHL are total racists.

Picking up around minute 35 of the ad brainstorming session ...

Ad guy 1: Well, it sounds like a great spot, but the only problem I see is how are we going to be able to convince the viewer this slacker employee, call him Bob, is not on a nice golf course the first time we see him.

Ad guy 2: We'll have him dressed in non-golf attire.

Ad guy 1: No, that's not going to work, numbnuts. He has to look nice or he wouldn't've been able to get on the course to begin with.

Ad manager: (sighing) Well, let's take a break, everyone, and think this one through.

Ad guy 4: (leaves first, then runs back in and slams door) I'VE GOT IT!!!

Ad guy 1: For christsake, what do you got man?

Ad guy 4: I know how we can make him have the right attire but also make the viewer assume this person is anywhere but a golf course in the first shot!

Ad guy 1: Well goddamnit what is it?

Ad guy 4: ... We make him black.

20 seconds of silence later...

Everyone in room: (massive cheers) whooo hooooo hoooooo!

Ad guy 1: It's brilliant!

Ad manager: Run it boys, that's a rap. Begin casting for a black guy in a golfer's vest asap and I'll see you fellas tomorrow. Great meeting everybody, keep up the good work. This one's a hit!

LAUGHING AND CHEERING: The scene in the DHL ad meeting when the savvy team figured out how to make the viewer assume the slacker is not on a golf course the first time we see him: By making him black. 

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Anonymous said...

This can't be for real... Is it?