Sunday, October 5, 2008

TaylorMade's line sparse in '09

Now only 7 to choose from

TaylorMade has decided to get stingy with their driver line in 2009. Currently they offer 12 different models, but will soon be scaling back to a meager, yet lucky, seven. The nerds at GolfWRX have not responded well to this news so far. TaylorMade's chinciness has caused an uproar on the boards, and WRX's tireless moderators are scrambling to calm the masses. Below is a list of the super streamlined lineup for '09:

Burner (NEW [that's right, another one already])
Burner TP (NEW)
r7 Limited (NEW)
r7 CGB Max
r7 CGB Max Limited (NEW)
Burner Draw (NEW)
r7 Draw

In 2010, TaylorMade plans to combine all 7 remaining drivers into one.
The R7 CGB Superquad Tour Burner TP Draw (looks very similar to the r7 460) . The prototype is available for $1999 on Ebay.

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