Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Smorgasbord

Ryder Cup picks have Monty making his 'O' face

This year will mark the first year since 1989 that the Ryder Cup will be played without Colin Montgomerie. Monty and his lofty fade have produced a 20-9-7 lifetime Ryder Cup record, which is impressive to all (except, of course, non-Euro-American golfers, who could give a shit less).

After the captain's picks were released, a reported "war of words" erupted between Ian Poulter and Colin in a west London restaurant. Both the golfers' managers deny the claim, saying it was completely made up.

Monty's O-face is not one of pleasure, but rather disgust after failing to receive a captain's pick for this year's Ryder Cup.

As promised, The Green Blazer is back this Sunday with another blazin' hot edition of

Speak of the Week:

The son-in-law shot: Not what you pictured, but you'll take it.

The next time you hit a shot that didn't come off the way you planned but ended up pretty good, bust out the above line. This one works especially well if you are an middle aged man with a recently married daughter like Jack (Robert De Niro), pictured below. And it's even funnier if your new son-in-law's name is Gaylord Focker.


Although they look strikingly similar, the face on the left is a professional golfer. The right, a Hollywood movie star. Green Blazer Golf is asking readers to

Name that mug

Submit your guesses by commenting to this post. The first correct guess will receive a free subscription to the upcoming Green Blazer Golf Comic Book/Variety Magazine.* But make sure to get those picks in today, faithful readers, because the contest ends next week with the release of the full faces in the weekly Smorgasbord.

*subscription does not necessarily mean 12 issues

And finally, with all this recent talk of drilling in ANWR, remember to make your voices heard in this election season. Help protect the pristine landscape of the American wildlife refuge from pumpjacks, oil rigs and diesels. Work to spare those open fields, dense patches of trees, challenging slopes with slight dog legs and large patches of fescue. After all, that area would be perfect for a couple of sweet golf courses!

Think about the future, people!

Until next week ...


golfer tom c said...

Scott Hoch and Kelly Clarkson?

clevelandpoppapump said...

padraig harrington and eva green

pace-holyn-one said... it Jon Daly and Katie Couric? Do we still win if we only get one right?

squeegeluvsu said...

It is clearly your very own Monty and too-good-for-Dark-Knight Katie Holmes

The Green Blazer said...

Congratulations squeegeluvsu! That is some Dark Knight like detective work you displayed. I'm sure you would agree that the new Rachel is certainly slumpier than Katie Holmes. Send your address to to claim your subscription to the Green Blazer Golf Comic Book Variety Magazine.

perrierchampion said...

Yeah I agree it could totally be Monty. But I have no idea who the broad is, Sharon Stone maybe?

perrierchampion said...

Oh, nevermind. I see I'm too late. But I can't wait for this magazine, how do I subscribe?

Anonymous said...

Fuck ANWR and Sarah Palin!