Sunday, September 14, 2008

Andrew Giuliani is a little bitch part 2

Andrew Giuliani was lucky enough to be paired with Tiger Woods at the 2001 Buick Classic Pro Am. He was also lucky enough to get a spot on Duke's golf team. Now it is time for him to quit being a little b*tch and hang up the spikes already.

This week Duke University attorneys (who--between the infamous Duke LaCrosse Case, the female football player lawsuit (yes, Duke football is so bad even girls can make the team) and now this--must be the most overworked college attorney team in the nation) moved to see claims dismissed in the Giuliani case, saying the spoiled little bastard is a total douchebag and deserved to be kicked off the golf team.

“Andrew Giuliani is entitled to no more privileges than any other member of the Duke University student body,” the Sept. 10 filing says. "Put simply, Giuliani had no right to play varsity golf; he had an opportunity for the privilege to be part of a team, one ... that he squandered through his own conduct.''

That conduct included "throwing an apple in the face of another player, breaking a golf club during a tournament, injuring a teammate and becoming verbally abusive with a coach," according to The Associated Press.

Perhaps Jim Rome put it best when he said "Nothing says 'gentlemen's sport' like chucking an apple at another guy's face ... I mean the guy did everything except say 'Do you know who I am?'"

And we know exactly who he is, the son of a former New York City mayor and presidential candidate. But the credential that sheds the most light on why little Andrew would think to file a lawsuit in the first place is what his father was before any of that: A lawyer. Go figure.

Hopefully the case is thrown out and we'll finally hear the last of Andrew Giuliani's golfing career.

Rudy Giuliani, long estranged from his son Andrew, probably thinks Andrew is a little bitch as well.


That guy who sued the dry cleaners in DC for $54 million for ruining his pants said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with Andrew suing Duke for booting him from the team.

Anonymous said...

That didn't look so good, so we'll try it this way instead. (As long as you're quoting Jim Rome this week)

Dear Blazer

I don't think there's anything wrong with Andrew suing Duke for booting him from the team.


That guy in DC who sued the dry cleaners for $54M for ruining his pants