Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alice got played

The Green Blazer wants to deliver a strong message to any hack who still uses the following phrases:

"Nice Putt Alice"
"Did it get caught in your skirt?"
"Does your husband play golf too?"
"You hit it with your purse"

These phrases are no longer funny. They're more played out than Top Flight XLs at a corporate outing. However, there is one situation where it is still acceptable to use "Nice putt Alice," yet only a select few are lucky enough to golf with Alice Cooper.

NICE PUTT ALICE: Alice Cooper's long putter may get caught in his skirt.

thanks for the pic Getty

ALSO PLAYED OUT: Alice in Wonderland sleeve tattoos are a favorite among psilocybin indulging brosephs.

thanks for the pic brah

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