Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Smorgasbord!

This week the Blazer Corps sets it off with a few captures and captions from The PGA Championship. (Or simply, The Championship, as we think it should be called.)

Chuckie Wi Sticks

STINK EYE: Charles Wi, (or Chuckie Wi Sticks as we like to call him), reveals his bitterness over his lackluster performance on Sunday by scowling at Padrick Harrington from the 72nd hole tee box.

It's the Elk, the bro and the side logo yo

VETERANS WHO DRESS LIKE YOUNG GUNS CAN KISS BUBBA'S ASS: At 46, Steve "The Elk" Elkington is your token veteran on tour. But he doesn't really dress the part, exemplified here with this side logo cap, more commonly seen on bros (see below).

Signature snarl

LONG IN THE TOOTH, LITERALLY: Padrick Harrington expresses an all-too-familiar bucktooth snarl during his winning performance at The Championship.

... Anthony Kim didn't have quite as good of a week as he planned, which gives us more incentive to target him for our next zinger:

Anthony Kim Gives Himself Nickname

As if the AK belt buckle wasn't enough, Anthony Kim has announced to the world that he would now like to be referred to as Big Slick. This based off his favorite Texas hold em' hand, Ace/King, known commonly as "big slick."

"It's just the perfect nickname for me." said Kim. "I've got the whole AK thing going with my sweet-ass belt buckle, and Ace King is my favorite poker hand, so it's perfect." Kim went on to say that he's also "big off the tee," and "pretty slick too."

Kim hopes the media will have the nickname fully internalized by the end of the 2008 season. Nike, already sensing the marketing potential in the self-applied nickname, plans to debut their Big Slick clothing line early in 2009.

Speak of the Week
This week's Speak of the Week should be used only with a certain generation, (if you're reading this blog, or even familiar with the word "blog," you are probably on the level). Instead of saying "he/she plays a big hook," try out "he plays a big Bowser." For those who aren't on the level, Bowser is a character from Mario Golf who plays a giant hook. He's also plays a giant snarl, not unlike Padrick Harrington.


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