Monday, February 11, 2008

Movie Monday - Hacktacular

This week at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, George Lopez fell short of what he referred to as the “Mexi Slam”, amateur victories in both the BHCC and the AT&T. After failing to realize his Mexi Slam dream, Lopez headed out of Monterey early to prepare for his Grammy speech while the rest of us watched one more day of amateur hacks. This brings us to our first clip where one of the biggest hacks around, Big Chris Berman, shows us a shot from his highlight reel.

Even the pros hack on a shot here and there. GB would like to thank Tom Pernice for his delivery of one of the biggest professional duffs to date.

Phil Mickelson is convincingly the world’s second best player, and as everyone saw, he did some hacking as well this week. For those of you who are like G Blaze’s ally, The Golf Sensei, and pay little attention to the world around them, here is breakdown of how it happened.

When Rory Sabbatini is hacking, he makes sure everyone knows by putting on a show. Danny Gans, The Los Angeles entertainer who gets paid to put on shows, has the clip of the week for fashioning this wonderful zing.

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Danny Gans is LA's finest entertainer