Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Robert Allenby and Ian MacCallister Lead Voice Against Party Hole Concept

At this year's Australian Open, they are throwing out golf's traditional "quiet please" atmosphere and instead are trying to capture the ambience of a drunken social gathering. The 11th hole at Australia's national tournament will feature a fully stocked bar, loud music, and an MC whose sole mission is to pump up the crowd. Robert Allenby (along with lead traditionalist against Titleist's NXT golf ball, Ian MacCallister) lead the group of in opposition to the party concept. Despite their efforts, Golf Australia is embracing the idea. The players themselves have also been generally accepting of the initiative, just so long as the noise from the gallery is consistent.

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thegolfsensei said...

"merrymaking" ... hahahhhhh. nice post Blazer!! I saw your feature in the hookedongolfblog.com. your blog is refreshing.