Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stina Stern-minded on advice

Columnist detached from range hack mentality

In this month's Golf Digest, Stina Sternberg tells women golfers to "say no to advice," when approached by swing tip dispensing range hack. It seemed she was making a good point until she states that the babbling range hack would only approach women and would never offer advice to any men. People who have spent enough time on a public practice facility know this is not true.

Range hacks, the talkative ones, will give advice to anyone. They will usually gravitate towards the person who seems most accepting of the advice, but will take what they can get when they can get it. If you've been approached by a know-it-all range hack, you can be guaranteed you weren't his first, probably not even his first of the day.

If you are an obvious beginner, the range hack will take charge of the conversation confidently telling you exactly what you're doing wrong and how to fix it. He will give you the latest drill from, ironically, Golf Digest, and may even show you how it's done. The better you are, the more gingerly he will tread. He will try to initiate an open forum discussing a swing topic, surely tell you what Pelz and Butch said on the matter, and rarely demonstrate it himself.

Range hacks just love to talk about golf ... to anyone man or women. It's safe to say Stina is far removed from the chipping green chop mentality, yet most can agree ... That's a good thing.

The Blazer would be interested in hearing the readers' opinions on the motives behind advice giving on the range, so blaze a comment bros ... >


clevelandpoppapump said...

never really liked her all that much. good point blaze, these range hax will talk to anyone. it's frickin annoying as hell when im hitting balls minding my own business and some asshole trys to tell me what to do.

Journal of Interesting Material said...

I just stumbled across your blog and it's great! Nothing makes me more furious than someone worse than me trying to help me with my swing.

mediaguru @ said...

Stina, say hello to my little friend.

brodie said...

"likely tell you what Pelz and Butch said" -- HILARIOUS! All these idiots think they know what they're talking about b/c they read Golf Digest. The reality is that they couldn't break par if someone was holding their family hostage.