Tuesday, December 9, 2008

GREEN BLAZER GOLF SPECIAL REPORT: Piercing the blogosphere

Months ago, The Green Blazer promised to deliver blog posts every Sunday. That promise was broken a few weeks ago; for that please accept my formal apology.

My absence was, however, not due to lazin and blazin in a dazy haze. The Green Blazer's novel was put on hold following the announcement of a restructuring at Random House Publishing, the publisher backing The Green Blazer origin novel. Distraught and out of sorts, GB set out on a mission. Armed with only golf clubs and a portfolio (not to mention some other roadie essentials), The Blazer scoured the country intending to find a new publisher. The Blazer failed that mission, but the long roadie wasn't all for not. The Green Blazer is proud to announce he is now writing a weekly column in The Mountaineer, a Colorado based daily newspaper. The first piece was published on Tuesday. Click on the image to enlarge:

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