Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Big Break Ka'anapali's Lori Atsedes considering signing with Oakland Raiders

After three jacking her way out of contention in the Big Break Ka'anapali realty show on The Golf Channel, Lori was approached by the Oakland Raiders to fill a needed spot on the offensive line. "We've seen what she can do... She's mean, she's big, and she knows how to mix it up," said a spokesman for the Raiders. Lori has not officially accepted the position, but when asked to comment, she said, "This really doesn't surprise me; I'm like a Cadillac... In a head-on collision, nothing short of a truck will overpower me."


Anonymous said...

I hate that fatass bitch!!! Most annoying ever!

Anonymous said...

The Big Break likes to throw some annoying ones in there (ie. Don Donatello) to mix things up. Lori hated the hot Big Breakers solely b/c they are hot. I'm glad that bitch is not in the finale.