Saturday, July 12, 2008

Callaway Uses Fusion Technology to Create New Term
Sets standard for other equipment companies

In their greatest achievement since shocking the world with Big Bertha, Callaway's marketing team used their esteemed Fusion Technology to create a phrase that is nothing short of pure genius. The term Squareway Woods was born from a blend of the word "square," which describes the shape of the golf club and "fairway woods," which describes the category of the golf club. This was one of the biggest breakthroughs for Callaway in years, and company officials say it will set a standard for other equipment companies to follow. "We wanted to create an idiom that was easy to get off the ground, had workability, and would retain its value over time," said one of the creative marketing gurus at Callaway. "We did all that and more when we released squareway woods."

So far Callaway's new term has been well accepted by the public. It has already found its way into the vocab bag of a few professionals, and has been especially popular with the high handicappers.

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Anonymous said...

marketing people make me sick!