Friday, March 7, 2008

Sexy Slice Sirens nearly seduce Green Blazer out of his Green Blazer
Slice Girls: High Class 'Hook'ers or Girls Next 'Fore!'?

Yesterday Condoleezza Slice, Angelina Bogie and the Slice Girls eagerly told the Green Blazer precisely where they want him to plant his enormous flagstick. The Slice Girls got together over some martinis and one of those waterproof laptops for a little late night blog session in the hot tub of their lair the other night, which one can only assume is located in a penthouse tower of some exotic city. They were most definitely nude and touching each other as they blogged about how much they loved tasting the Green Blazer's fountain of offerings. "To get a taste of The Green Blazer," wrote the Bodacious Angelina Bogie, "here's a pic..." The Green Blazer followed up by blogging on the slice girls' faces, in a blog post entitled "The Slice Girls Have Remarkably Beautiful Faces."

To any of the Slice Girls who may be reading this, make no mistake as you try to make it with the Green Blazer, you slender, sultry, seductive, super-sexy slice sluts. The Green Blazer knows exactly what you're interested in, and he's no amature in this high stakes game of heroes and villains. The Corps has learned much from the timeless tales within the halls of our society of super brethren (basically summed up in the photo below).

So Slice Girls be warned: If you ever want to get it in the hole, don't count on slicing through the Green Blazer's mask anytime soon . . .

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The Slice Girls said...

For perhaps the first time, eva, all of The Slice Girls are speechless, and not because they have their mouths full.

As with all Superhero's, The Green Blazer is vulnerable and as luck would have it, why just last night Halle Birdie and Jennifer Lobez were frolicking in a hot tub in an exotic city, discussing ways to Slice through that Azalea-strength mask and expose all but The Green Blazers most intimate parts.

Although we share three common interests (golf, a vivid imagination and referring to ourselves in the third person), ummm, we've like totally forgot what we were gonna say.

Until next time...