Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Attn Photogs: Tiger Woods Is Going To Break Your Fucking Neck (Bitch)
Blazer says like the words of God, Woods' quotes need no editing or context

If you watched WGC-CA on television last weekend, then you only caught part of Tiger Woods' latest tirade against the golf paparazzi. Nobody made that big of a deal out of it until today, when the UK's The Independent reported on what happened after the cameras turned away.

Excerpted from today's The Independent:

...Yes, Woods lost his streak. But with it went his temper.

It was on the tee on the par-three ninth when a camera click on his back-swing caused Woods to pull his shot perilously close to the water. His scream of "Jackass!" was heard on the live telecast. Fortunately, the verbal assault which followed was only in earshot of members of the gallery, although that inevitably included children.

As he walked to the 10th tee he turned on the press corps shadowing him. "The next time a fucking photographer shoots a picture [on my backswing]," warned Woods, "I'm going to break his fucking neck."

In some respects, Tiger's tantrum was understandable...

Thanks for that, The Independent. We see you were able to sneak some bracketed context into this news piece along with your opinion. But neither belong there. Like the words of God Almighty himself, Tiger's words need no editing or context. We're thankful that you left the expletives in there (AOL Sports edited it out in their coverage, pussys), but we like the quote better with him simply breaking the necks of photogs who shoot pictures in general, not just those who make the now life-threatening choice to do so in his backswing. Plus it's a little hypocritical to add your slanted detail about the "inevitable inclusion of children" in the gallery that might have heard Tiger drop the F-bomb, and then go on to repeat it for your readers, which also inevitably include children.

So it breaks down like this. "The next time a fucking reporter adds brackets [to a Tiger Woods quote]," warns The Green Blazer, "I'm going to break his fucking neck."

And in some respects, that's understandable.

POST POST MEMO: 10:50 PM - Actually, Tiger's reported scream of the word "jackass" wasn't heard on the live telecast. The Blazer went back and captured video display below. So why did The Independent report that it was? The Blazer, who took detective lessons from DuPont, Holmes, Batman and Shaggy, has a theory: The chinces at The Independent probably read this article, which was posted Monday on MiamiHerald.com, and exaggerated the 'Tiger said jackass' detail to 'Tiger said jackass on live tv.' The Blazer suspects the writer from the Herald, who really brings the zing in his blazin' coverage, actually attended the event and heard Tiger say the word, while the cameras weren't going live. Meanwhile the writer from The Independent, clearly a hack who's butt-hurt about Tiger threatening his ilk, has an agenda "which inevitably included" extra details and exaggerations to make Tiger look bad.


clevelandpoppapump said...

damn that was niiice... go Tiger!! fuck that camera man for screwing with Tiger's momentum.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you got footage of Bubba Watson at the Zurich Classic. On the 10th hole, He hit a really long drive and had like 88 yards to the hole. He was set up to hit when I guess someone really far away made some movements. He got a pissed off and you could hear him clearly say jackass on live TV. The announcers definately heard him too.

The Slice Girls said...

The Green Blazer needs to get into golf forums like golfwrx and golflink and stir some shit up because theres way too many poxy golf toffee noses in there that are shocked at Tigers swearing and spitting.

Just like Tiger, The Green Blazer IS golf.

Anonymous said...
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