Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Groove Review

We are now officially in the off season, and the groove debate has resurfaced once again. The USGA has still not made an official ruling on which grooves will be made illegal, but The Green Blazer thought he would give a quick groove review of the different kinds of grooves in golf today.

Square Grooves - A nonspecific term that includes both U grooves and Box grooves, and eventually, maybe even Y grooves.

Box Grooves - Form right angles at the top and bottom of the groove, and the only groove in the groove review that is presently illegal.

U Grooves - Square at the top of the groove. Identifiable by a curved "U" at the bottom of the groove

V Grooves - Grooves that come to a triangular point at the end, limiting the amount of spin the ball receives

Y Grooves - "V grooves" that square off at a specific deepness to form the shape of a Y

Smooth Grooves - Sensual assortment of R & B and soul music from Rhino Records, available in 12 volumes

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