Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hunter Going for the Quick Kill

As most people already know, Barbara Nicklaus was responsible for Woody Austin's goggles march the day after he fell into the water.

Since then, Barbara has been known as the new prankster in the golf world, and she’s making sure to live up to that reputation. She claimed another victim the week of The President’s Cup, but this story seemed to sneak under the radar. 25 year old Hunter Mahan was on the receiving end of another practical joke by wacky Barbara Nicklaus, but it wasn’t all shits and giggles to Hunter:

Barbara then made her way up to Hunter’s room at the scheduled time of his meeting with the mystery suitor. She left a doll she called Monique by the door. She then knocked on Hunter's door and quickly slipped around the corner snickering to herself. It was reported that Hunter was unsettled by the event. "He didn't take that too good, I don't think," said Scott Verplank following the incident.

Hunter was probably embarrassed after being duped. From his view, Mrs. Nicklaus is just trying to help him get some action on the down-low. Now it’s public news that Hunter wants the a quick score. The Blazer is sure Hunter learned his lesson and won't try to get an easy lay ever again. Way to go Barbara … pfft

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