Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Man searches for ways to avoid being annoying walker

Exploring alternatives to riding
Have you ever been annoyed by four walkers enjoying the day while you're trying to play a fast round of golf? If you haven't you're probably either an annoying walker yourself or you welcome slow play because you like to spend as much time as possible on the course as your nagging wife only permits you to play nine holes per week.

With country club membership dues at record lows, broke ass golfers everywhere finally get a chance to be a member at a private club. Clubs that once had 10 year waiting lists and 20k down strokes just to get in the door are now one step away from implementing a Little Caesars style panhandle marketing campaign.

This following is the situation a Green Blazer Corps member by the name of Stefan Core found himself in:

He was ready to pull the trigger on a steal of a membership at 5k/yr but before signing on the dotted line he was informed that golf cars are not included. He would basically be forced into dropping $20 every time he wanted to play. After confirming that the club would not allow him to use and store his own golf car on premises, Stefan began his search for alternatives.

His first thought was to look into a golf specific mall cop style Segway. He found exactly what he had in mind, the Segway x2 Golf. For a one time fee of $4300 used his problems could be solved. He was ready to make the purchase, but decided he better run it by the country club first. The old codgers on the board quickly shot him down saying it qualified as a golf car under the club's definition.

If only he could create a vehicle that looked like a pull cart only with a kickstand that would support his weight. He decided to check the ultimate source for amateur engineers looking to display their talents ... Youtube.

He quickly found a vehicle called the ParScooter. It's nothing more than a nancyboy scooter with an electric motor and a pull cart attachment:

But that wasn't all he found. In the process, he stumbled upon a golf car that has nothing to do with serving his needs, but was funny to watch immediately after watching the ParScooter:

In the end, Stefan decided to get the membership and buy a Bat Caddy X3R. Now not only is he an annoying walker, he's an annoying walker with an even more annoying electric push cart.


Anonymous said...

As an avid walker I take exception to your post that claims all walkers are slow. As a foursome we walk every week and routinely play under 4 hours.

brodie said...

Just playing in under four hours doesnt make you fast. A foursome of CC guys riding can generally play in around 3 no problem. You'd be slowing a group like that down by an hour or more. Having said that it's hard to expect all groups to play at a super fast pace, so four hours should really be the standard.

Anonymous said...

I don't like walking a golf course but do it for the exercise. Walking 18 holes is eqivalant to a 45 minute workup I read.

clevelandpoppapump said...

Walking Sux!!! I wouldn't even play the game if I had to walk!

Anonymous said...

Just let the group play through if they're faster....simple.