Saturday, September 29, 2007

Trump to Scotland: The world's greatest golf course and I'll even include an unnecessary, unwanted little town

The Donald is attempting to take his experience in multimillion dollar golf course development overseas. He missed out on the public debate over his sudden interest in Scotland this week in Aberdeen; however, he spoke via a recorded video before the debate began. If his plan goes through, he will build what he calls, "The world's greatest golf course," in an environmentally safe area in Scotland just north of Aberdeen. Oh and by the way, along with the golf course comes 1500 homes and hotel that's so large Trump would likely describe it as "The Rosie O'Donnell of hotels."

If this development happens, The Blazer is sure the course will be impressive and send even the most tightfisted Scots reaching for their wallets. But the greatest in the world? The Blazer says not likely. What's more realistic is the image-savvy Trump has attached a sexy handle to the course to bring attention towards it and away from the 450 room hotel and small city of residences--the real moneymakers. If Trump's ambition is to build the world's greatest golf course, The Blazer recommends he takes all the energy he's applying to residential development and use it to secure his course a spot in the British Open rotation.

Out here in Blazeland TGB could give a puff whether this development is built or not. It's safe to assume that this course will never be the world's greatest, but if it does ever make its way to the top of that prestigious list, G Blaze is sure that live aerial shot from the British Open would look better without 1500 little boxes on the Scottish hillside.

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