Friday, June 4, 2010

Heavy Putter stingy with butt plugs

Attempting to turn a Cameron into a Heavy Putter
Heavy Putter made a name for itself in the golf equipment industry by doing something that no other company has done before -- making putters with very high head weights and counteracting the head weight with a heavy metal butt plug.

Experienced butt plug users know that the plug better fit just right or it could get messy.

Recently a member of the Green Blazer Corps, Rob Digital, decided he no longer liked his Scotty Cameron Kombi long putter, so he chopped it down to 33 inches and started using it as a regular putter. But, there was a problem: the head weight was so high (500 grams) that he felt like he was swinging a noodle with a meat ball at the end of it. Enter the butt plug.

Heavy Putter inserts a 250 gram butt plug into all of their putters to increase the putter's total weight and move the balance point up. Upon doing some research, Rob Digital decided to see if any company besides Heavy Putter was making butt plugs. He found numerous butt plugs online, some double bubble, some triple ripple and some inflatable vibrating, but the closest thing he could find that would work is a GolfSmith universal butt plug.

After even more research, he found that even if the universal butt plug was filled with tungsten, it would weigh just 70 grams, 180 grams less than Heavy Putter's butt plug. Hmmm ... What does a person do when they can't seem to find a butt plug that fits their needs?

Rob called Heavy Putter and told then he ordered a Heavy Putter head on Ebay, and would like to purchase one of their custom butt plugs. Heavy Putter quickly replied that although they would fix one of their putters that had a broken shaft, they do not sell their butt plugs to anybody, even if a vendor tries to order one.

So Rob decided to take matters into his own hands. After digging around his garage, he found a rusty solid steel rod that looked like it would fit in his butt. He weighed the rod and found that it conveniently weighed exactly 250 grams. He jammed the steel rod in his butt as far as it would without doing damage; he said it felt great when the rod made it all the way in. Rob threw on a new grip on and he now has his very own Scotty Cameron Heavy Putter knock-off.

The moral of the story: Finding the right butt plug for you can be a difficult task, but if you open your mind and think outside the box, you may find the perfect butt plug in a place you wouldn't expect.


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