Friday, February 12, 2010

Taylormade's 'Find your lame' Project Burner promotion

Is the barrel full of old golf clubs in your garage in need of some more worthless crap? If so, Taylormade's new promotion will leave you and 19,999 others finding your 6 iron game by registering at Taylormade.

With so many golfers in need of new 6 irons, Taylormade is filling that void with their latest promotion -- Project Burner.

From Taylormade's fancy, difficult to navigate webpage:
"Project Burner is on a mission to replace obsolete irons. Over 133,000 golfers have switched to Burner making it the No. 1 selling iron ... Now it's your turn."

That's right ... Instead of just giving away 2,500 boring full sets, Taylormade is giving 20,000 people a chance to stick one oddball club in the bag. Make sure you head over to Taylormade and register soon or your chance to win some of Taylormade's purposeless scraps will be gone.

Since the 6 iron pictured here will serve no golfing purposes for you, try chopping it down and giving it to your local junior golf program or use it as a effective, convenient bludgeoning device.


brodie said...

Actually the phrase is pronounced- "fieend your gieeeeem"

Hooked On Golf Blog said...

Perhaps these aren't for golfers? Maybe they are for 20,000 wives with cheating husbands?

Hooked On Golf Blog said...

Oh speaking of difficult to navigate:

Anonymous said...

Obviously the idea is that if you hit the 6-iron and like it you may be inclined to buy a full set.

The good news is that if you did find yourself wanting to fill in the rest of the set, you wouldn't need to get the 6-iron and would thus save some money - around $87 in this case.

I'm actually looking to upgrade my irons and would welcome the chance at one of these clubs. And since I'm only looking to replace my 6 through 9-irons I'm looking at saving 25%. Hardly what I call lame.

Journal of Interesting Material said...

only 6-9? why don't you just buy a whole bag of hybrids??? i agree blazer, my first reaction was that this is really stupid.